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Reflection & Thank You

Monday, December 19th, 2016
As we wind down the year and look back, it was definitely a year fraught with twists and turns.  Could anyone have imaged 2016 would have brought us Brexit or Trump?  Or taken away such larger than life pop culture influencers like Prince, Bowie, Za Za or Muhammad Ali?   It has been all rather dreamlike and I’m not sure when we will wake up. At Eagle, though, we would take this opportunity to say thank you to all our team members.  You have worked tirelessly, silently and even though we don’t always have the chance to stop and talk, we want you to know how much we appreciate your commitment to the company, the pride you bring with every box and case you package and in every shipment that leaves our door.  Our team is, and always will be, the heart and soul of this company. The volatile events of this year have occasioned concern and confusion among our team regarding their place in the United States.  As a company, we do not define anyone based on religion, ethnicity, country of origin, gender or other life choices.  We hope we will always have a peaceful union, one that we can perfect together, as a culture, community and civic society.  It is our shared responsibility to work together and support each other.  We wish everyone a happy, safe, peaceful and wondrous holiday season!

Europe’s Coffee Show

Friday, June 25th, 2010
The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe held it’s Caffe Culture Conference & World Championships – World Barista Championship 2010 convention this year in London, from June 23-25th. London is one of my most favorite cities in the world, and I enjoyed the chance to combine fun with work. In addition to walking the floor I attended Day 1 of the SCAE Conference, titled Management Change. There were four great speakers: Buck Hendrix – Starbucks President Europe, Middle East & Africa Doug Zell, Founder and CEO Intelligentsia Coffee Jeff Grout, JG Consulting Paul Ettinger, International Development of Food, Beverage and Music at Caffe Nero The Moderator was Colin Hughes, former Retail Director of EAT All 4 presenters had insightful comments regarding their company’s response to a changing market place and changing economy. Every business has had to reassess how to manage their processes and do more with less, while ensuring their company remains relevant to their customers. It is a daunting task. All four have done a tremendous job and it was inspiring to hear it.

24/7 Quality Control

Thursday, June 10th, 2010
Managing quality control is a 24/7 job. It is easy to think that managing quality is all about making sure the right product, with the right label, ingredients, color, etc is packaged and shipped. But it is more than that. Quality control is also about instilling team pride. Every team member needs to feel proud of the job they are doing, the customer they are working for and the product they are making. If they don’t feel pride, quality inevitably declines. As a company we have to manage quality and personal job pride on a daily basis. In order to achieve high quality and high levels of job satisfaction, we try and reward the team when they do the right thing and hold them accountable for when they don’t. Mistakes happen in every job function, as no-one is perfect, but continuous mistakes mean lack of initiative, lack of pride and most important, dissatisfaction in the job itself. At Eagle, we try and make sure that everyone feels they are doing a job that is worthwhile. The management team meets daily with Production Supervisors, training is held frequently and continuously and most critically, the lines of communication to management are open and direct. When our customers receive a quality product, we want them to know it’s made with pride.