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Eagle Beverage’s Bottling Line

Air Rinser, Net Weight Filler & Capper

Eagle Beverages’ bottling line is the perfect solution for manufacturing consistent, cost-effective syrups, sauces and beverage concentrates. Volume can change with temperature and barometric pressure, but net weight stays constant, so when making your products on Eagle’s Bottling line, the net weight filler controls product giveaway and costs. Our bottling line also has pressure sensitive labeling capability for both front & back labels as well as capping abilities.

Estimate Production

(Bottles Per Minute*)

6 fl oz

150 BPM

14 fl oz

145 BPM

1 Liter

150 BPM

64 fl oz

135 BPM

1 Gallon

130 BPM

*Depending on product. foamy/high viscosity products may run slower than others

Packaging Specifications

Plastic or Glass Bottles

Size Range

6 fl oz – Gallons

Height Range

3.9″ – 11.8″


Max Width (to Label)

7.5″ (191mm)