Tradeshows, Tradeshows, Tradeshows….

I have been thinking a lot about the tradeshows we used to do.  Back when we first entered this industry, I did about 15-18 trade shows annually.  They were domestic shows, customer trade shows and international tradeshows.  We exhibited as a company or represented our company in our customer’s stand and offered as much support as we could both physically and monetarily.
I still recall some of my most favorite international shows:
  • Anuga
  • Expo Café Mexico
  • FHA Singapore
  • FHA Hong Kong
  • Foodex Japan
  • Gulf Food Show
  • SIAL China
  • World Tea and Coffee Show – Rome, Hamburg, Singapore, Geneva and so many other fabulous places
This year, we will bring our Private Label message to the World of Coffee in Vienna.
After about a 4 year haitus from exhibiting internationally, our company is once again going to have its own stand and will actively target customers that are looking for a private label specialty beverage programs.  Please stop by our booth if you are also there!