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Customer service means the world to us at Eagle Beverage. We understand that on occasion an item can get damaged in delivery and we want to help fix that. Please review our policies and procedures for filing a damaged item claim below.



We are asking for your support in documenting damages or shortages for all shipments received from Eagle Beverage.  The following checklist will be instrumental in filing an effective claim with the freight carrier and helping to reduce overall costs.


Inspect your shipment while the driver is still present

Look inside the boxes to check for damaged or broken items

Document clearly the damaged items or shortages on the delivery receipt

Make sure the driver acknowledges your comments regarding damages or shortages

Take a photograph of your shipment if there is anything wrong with it.  A photo is worth a thousand words and clear photos that show the damage will assist in filing a claim immediately.

Call Eagle Beverage within 24 hours and fax us a copy of the delivery receipt, which documents your comments on damages and shortages

Once we have received the information from you, we can then investigate, file a claim with the shipper and replace your product.  Please, take the extra time at delivery to check your shipments.  The longer you wait, the less likely we will be successful in filing an effective claim with the shipper.  We have found that without a documented signed delivery receipt stating the damages or shortages, the shipper will not accept responsibility.

*Eagle Beverage will not issue a replacement or credit for any damages or shortages without proper documentation at the time of delivery.

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