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Eagle Beverage is proud to be an SQF Level 2 Certified Company with a score of 93 and a rating of Excellent. This achievement is the most visible step in Eagle’s commitment to maintaining the integrity, quality and safety of all our products. Protecting our customers is an ongoing commitment that has pushed Eagle to meet some of today’s highest global standards.

Our comprehensive testing and validation procedures are built on HACCP and GMP principles from start to finish.  Every product produced in our facility can be traced to the shift, machine and operator.  In addition, every raw material and packaging coming into our facility is vetted through our strict supplier certification program.  In addition, we send out our products to 3rd party agencies for testing and independent verification.

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Features included in our SQF Program:

Strict traceability procedures and test them rigorously with mock recall programs throughout the year

Maintain high quality through our own internal QC and analytical labs

We conduct vendor audits and have in turn allowed customers to audit our facility


All containers are locked and secured with a numbered seal

All products are sealed with tamper-evident closures.

In-bound vehicles and containers are closely inspected to ensure that they are free of contaminants.

24-hr camera surveillance with remote viewing capabilities

For more information on what it means to have your products manufactured by an SQF facility click below:




Of course, the best security in the world is impossible to maintain without experienced staff trained in safety procedures, combined with transparency and cooperation from our vendors.  Our team members have undergone hours of training in HACCP, SQF and GMPs, and we are continuously looking for improvements in food safety and food defense.   From the procurement process, to the streamlined order process, production, quality control, packing, and final checks, we assure seamless safety, quality and value every step of the way.

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