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Specialty Coffee

In my opinion, within specialty coffee, there are four main components:

1. The coffee – It is all about the beans where they are sourced from, whether or not they are organic, fair traded, single origin and other factors. I am not an expert on coffee, so I can’t offer more about that.

2. The beverages – This is what I know the most about. Beverages should be fun and flavorful. Within specialty coffee, you can make flavored lattes, mochas, smoothies, frappes, chai, tea and on and on.

3. The Equipment – Determining the equipment allows for the consistent preparation of each drink. Everything from the espresso machine, to grinder, to blender can make or break your drink. More about that later!

4. Packaging – Hot cups, cold cups, straws, stirrers, stoppers, napkins, take away packaging and everything else needed to make the beverage experience memorable and enjoyable.


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