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A-Musing About The Seahawks

Every time I think about the Seattle Seahawks, I can’t decide if I’m naively optimistic about them, or cautiously pessimistic… And here’s why… Sometimes they are amazing, and sometimes, well, you know…. And it’s a franchise and a “profit center,” so I’m even more puzzled. If our Customer Service team approached every interaction we have with our customers the same way the Seahawks play a game, what would that look like? Would somedays be Outstanding customer support, other days, mediocre? And who decides how the interaction will go? The customer, the tone of the email, what you did last night? I’m no sports buff, but I see parallels in providing great customer service and providing great entertainment. The seattlite in me cheers and waves for our Hawks, but the business person inside me says…. Let’s be consistent, make every encounter count and be the one that elevates the game!


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