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Best Coffee Cities In The World

A recent article at listed the top 8 cities for coffee. (

In reading through the list, I’ve been to most of the cities mentioned and I concur these cities do have the best coffee. Here’s my view on 6 of the 8 cities I’ve visited.

London – While I do believe you have to venture around the city for your perfect cup of coffee, their cappuccinos and flat whites are really good just about anywhere! The service in some of the coffee shops leaves room for improvement, but the quality is great.

Melbourne – Not quite as big as Sydney, but definitely amazing coffee. Coffee roasters in Melbourne take their craft seriously and roast coffee that is just sublime. Next time you are in Melbourne, ask for a tour of the roasting plant. You won’t forget it and you’ll see their dedication to their craft.

Roma – In Rome, coffee is everywhere and you drink it standing up, sitting down, with food, without food, any which way you like. Espresso is the primary form, but you can definitely find a fabulous cappuccino or mocha. Paired with Italian Gelato, what could be better?

Singapore – While Asia is best known for its tea houses, the coffee scene has really exploded, as a lot of coffee shows are held in Singapore. The scene is fun, young and hip and is a great place to try new pairings of coffee and food.

Seattle – Is there anything to say about Seattle coffee that hasn’t been said? The SCAA show is coming to Seattle next month and everything coffee will be on display!

Vienna – one of my most favorite places in the world. The Vienna coffee scene is truly amazing as are their pastries and tortes. Any type of coffee is yours for the asking and the taste complements everything you are eating.

The only two cities I have not been to are: Reykjavik, Iceland and Wellington, New Zealand. I’ll keep you posted when I’ve been.


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