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The Shutdown Continues

Daily Number of New Cases in the US = 35,100 The State extends the shutdown! The State of Washington had implemented a two week self-quarantine for employees of non-essential businesses and has now extended the closure until May 4th 2020. Eagle Beverage is considered an essential industry and has customers that continue to need shipments of our products and therefore is exempt from the closure as described in the exceptions for Food and Agriculture:

Food manufacturer employees and their supplier employees—to include those employed in food processing (packers, meat processing, cheese plants, milk plants, produce, etc.) facilities; livestock, poultry, seafood slaughter facilities; pet and animal feed processing facilities; human food facilities producing by-products for animal food; beverage production facilities; shellfish facilities including hatcheries and nurseries and growing areas; brewery and wine-making facilities; coffee production facilities; artisan food production; and the production of food packaging.

Unfortunately, all our customers have pushed back many April shipments to the months of May, June and July due to a business slow down and lack of demand. We are not seeing this effect lessen with the longer extension of Stay Home Stay Healthy. Therefore, it looks like the earliest restart date will be Monday, April 13th, at 6am. Let’s hope we get there.

Due to the intense shortages of PPE’s nationwide, we felt it important to ask our team members to comply with Stay Home, Stay Healthy mandate by bringing their own face mask or short scarf to wear around their mouth and nose. It should be a solid color, and light color, such as white, yellow, pink, light blue, light green, light purple, etc.

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