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Closing out 2020

Daily Number of New Cases in the US = 194,610

If Governor Inslee announces a lock down in the next few days it will become much harder to achieve the final goals of this year. I am not in favor of a severe lock down as implemented in March/April/May. But we may end up there given that individuals are making choices that are causing the infection rate to rise and putting us all at risk. Instead of closing nail salons, hair salons, restaurants and businesses, can we not discourage large gatherings, social clubs, sporting events and anywhere people gather en masse? We are all tired and exhausted and frustrated. This virus controls us and our continuous disregard to protect each other has led to a frightening rise in cases. I’ve noticed people are not as vigilant when out in public. Simple things, like clean pens/used pens, gloves worn by essential workers in grocery stores, public keypads not being wiped down after each use, all safe behaviours have stopped, in spite of rising cases.

Mercifully, there are 46 days left to go in this year and in-spite of everything that happened post COVID, Eagle is busier than ever. We have projects to finalize this year, new equipment arriving to support our PHA launch in December and we are back to being almost fully staffed. It is all very exciting and very daunting as we see rising COVID numbers, pleas from government officials to forgo family travel this year and pandemic fatigue that infects even the most careful among us. If there is a lockdown, Eagle will not close again. We are an essential business and we have major projects that have to be finished by the end of this year. So please, everyone, let’s protect each other.


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