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Feeding my Apple Addiction

I am an Apple(R) addict. I am an early adopter of all Apple products and I see nothing wrong with owning all iPhone generations and the iPad and iPad2, at the same time. A forage into my closet doesn't yield designer shoes, but rather, vintage Apple products, like the PowerBook 145B, and multiple colors of interchangeable track balls that were sold that year.

Is it any wonder then, that Eagle Beverage now was an App for the iPad? You can download the app at the App Store. An App? For Private Label? But of course. How else can our sales team remember each detail of a custom private label program? The app is designed for food service professionals who are interested in selling a custom private label program for specialty beverages. It's nifty because you can see more detail of flavors and actually create your own program. Do you want to match a brand? Enter the info in the field. Do you want to choose your capsule color? Click your color. Need to print the sales sheets or email directly to the person across the table from you? Select print, email or download to PDF reader.

I'm not recommending that everyone downloads the app. It is a very specific app for a specific market segment. In addition to helping our sales team promote private label programs, this app asks the question... how useful are apps for business to business generation? Or is the market share for one billion plus apps predominantly B to C? Or did I miss the platform of where B2B apps belong?

I should point out that the app is not free and Eagle Beverage does NOT offer refunds for those who download the app because they download everything there is out there whether they need it or not (yes, I know I have 650 apps of which I only actually use about 20). But we will refund the price of the app if someone actually uses it to create and buy a private label program from us!

I am enjoying the process of learning how to integrate technology into the selling of custom foodservice items. And I have enjoyed learning how Apple has developed a whole platform for the creation, maintenance and distribution of apps. The reviews from the sales team who have seen the app working have been great. I really hope I don't have to buy them all iPads now...!


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