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Sugared Toppings

We get a lot of requests for sugars and toppings. Toppings are beverage enhancements that essentially decorate the beverage. These sweet toppings can range from cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut flakes, mini marshmallows, peppermint bits, ginger bits and many other types. Cafes leave two to three toppings for consumers to “self-serve” themselves once they have received their beverage. Most will sprinkle a little cinnamon or a little cocoa on their latte before heading out the door. However, when creating custom crafted beverages, the barista will sprinkle the topping on the finished beverage and serve the customer. This enables the café to charge a higher price for that beverage and the consumer feels they are receiving a “special” or “feature” drink.

Sugared Toppings are also used in the bar and restaurant markets. Ever had a salt rimmed margarita? What about a cocoa dusted dirty martini? Bartenders use the same techniques to add flavor and enhancement to bar drinks, as baristas use to enhance coffee beverages.


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